You've probably heard of Kinesiology and Energy Healing but really don't know how they can help you. Are you hesitant to book in because you don't know what to expect? 
Here's the thing...sessions will be different for everyone. I'm a Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner,  Dimensional Healer, PEMF Therapist and Certified Crystal Light Healer. This means I can draw on my knowledge from different modalities to assist you. 


First sessions are always about finding out as much as I can about you and why you've come to see me. You may have a physical issue you'd like to work on or an emotional issue. 

I'll ask a bunch of questions about your physical wellbeing and you'll be surprised how much comes out once we start talking. After this initial assessment, you get on the massage table and we start the session, tailored to address your needs.  You may have booked in for a Kinesiology session, a healing, a massage or a PEMF session, either way, we always start by having a chat about why you've come to see me. 


I work with both physical and subtle body imbalances. For many years now I've noticed people tell me all kinds of things about themselves, people open up to me quickly and deeply.  I've learned that this is an incredible gift and I feel deeply honoured to hold such incredible trust with my clients.


The mind body connection is at the core of all the therapies I work with. Our thoughts influence how we feel both emotionally and physically. We will uncover where stress resides in the body and then work to release it.  

I am a Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner with accredited membership to the ATMS. I am also a PEMF Therapist, Crystal Light Healer and Dimensional Healer.