Listening to what the body is telling you

Kinesiology is used to access information about the body. Information about the physical, energetic and emotional body is obtained through the use of muscle monitoring where I can 

use this feedback to identify potential blocks to the body’s natural healing processes.  These blocks are adjusted by working with acupressure points and meridians to restore balance within the body and spirit. 


Relax the body to allow energy to flow

Enjoy an hour of absolute bliss. Combining essential oils and gentle massage focusing on working with the meridians of your body, and patterns associated with those meridians. By working with the meridians we explore areas of stress in your body and the underlying cause. By clearing the stress, we create the space for you to express emotions. 


Remember who you really are

Harmony and balance on an energetic level creates a new life perspective. Working together you will remember what it feels like to radiate your essence and make choices from this place, where you are whole and complete. There’s nothing that needs ‘fixing’ about you, the real work is about remembering who you really are.

I am a Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner with accredited membership to the ATMS. I am also a PEMF Therapist, Crystal Light Healer and Dimensional Healer.