Kinesiology has wide applications for your wellbeing. I work with all kinds of issues including depression, anxiety, physical pain, emotional pain, sleep disorders, learning difficulties and behavioural imbalances, to name just a few. The natural state of you body is harmony and flow, over time, stress and pollution can disrupt this flow and hence imbalances occur in any number of the body's systems. As a Holistic Kinesiologist, I work with Chinese Five Element Theory, a philosophy used to describe the relationships between all things in the universe, focusing on the relationships between organs and behaviours.  I use gentle acupressure to restore your body's innate ability to heal itself. Sessions last for 1.5 hours for adults and 1 hour for children under 16. 

Adults $150 for 90 mins

Children under 16 $100 for 60 mins

Session packs available.


I work with the healing frequencies of Sacred Geometry, sound, colour and crystals to clear energetic blocks on a soul level that keep you in separation consciousness. Working in wholeness, beyond our conditioned selves, you remember, you are whole and complete. This realisation is profound! I work with Wholeness Technology, sound, colour and crystals to create a highly charged atmosphere of love. Bringing in healing frequencies tailored to your specific needs. Energy healing can bring relief from anxiety and other physical imbalances. By balancing our subtle body's energy, our physical body comes into balance. 

$150 for 90 minute session

Session packs available


An hour where you can relax and enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy whilst gentle massage eases tensions throughout your body. During the massage we can talk through what I feel in the meridians of your body, or you could chose to just relax and enjoy the massage. Most of my clients chose to discuss what I am picking up on, it is a unique opportunity to learn about what your body is trying to tell you. I use Kinesiology to select your essential oils so you get exactly what your body wants on the day. 

$90 for 60 minute session

Session packs available


The cells of your body can be stimulated to perform new functions with the use of chemicals. They can also be signaled to perform differently with electromagnetic waves. PEMF Therapy delivers these signals safely within the biological window of healthy electromagnetism. PEMF Therapy has been used to improve the rate of injury healing, bone healing and density, circulation, detoxification, depression, immune function, overall sleep quality and much more. By optimising conditions in the body, the body's innate healing ability is triggered, bringing relief for many chronic and acute conditions. Sessions start with an intake, then 8 minutes on the full body mat. Specific areas of the body are then treated with either a pillow pad or wand, both emitting healing PEMF frequencies. 

WARNING PEMF Therapy is contraindicated in those individuals wth epilepsy, pregnant women and those with any implanted electrical devices like pacemakers, cochlear implants, intrathecal pumps, etc. 

$70 for 60 minute session.

Session packs available.



I am a Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner with accredited membership to the ATMS. I am also a PEMF Therapist, Crystal Light Healer and Dimensional Healer.